The formula of a happy life we think consists of a simple 4 components:

  1. Movement and self-realization. Movements include a broad sense of physical movement to achieve results in self-improvement. Constant exchange, constant curiosity and teaching lead to further and clearer clods of self-knowledge. Man of God (great nature) is created by moving to achieve new knowledge, so "under standing Stone River does not flow".
  2. Thoughts and consciousness balance, stress management and payment to know yourself. Self-analysis is one of the first human traits that distinguishes us in the universe. Self-awareness and self-criticism, the analysis of oneself and mistakes and positive impetus is a very complex but attainable goal to be human.
  3. Conscious food, breathing and the use of other sensations (of which we have 7), interpretation, the payment to train your senses consists in the flow of our incoming energy. What we receive is that our own being can later be given our knowledge, reflexes and skills into the flow of energy.
  4. Faith in what we do, we think, we are speaking, we are our all-connecting foundation and Shield. From faith we resist, we perform actions with faith, and in faith we pass ourselves to others.

4active Wellness Center goal for everyone to give the opportunity to feel, try and most importantly learn to live a healthy and active life in practice. It's teaching and testing in one place, it's a belief that when you test you will discover your personality's new directions, hobbies and sensations that will further balance your soul and body.

Your Shanthi Dawn